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$15.00   Havell Edition Price Guide - printed
$15.00   Octavo Birds Price Guide - printed
$10.00   Imperial Folio Price Guide - printed
$12.50   Octavo Quads Price Guide - printed
$15.00   Bien Edition Price Guide - printed
$67.50  Total retail value for just the five Price Guides


PLUS - chapters containing important and useful information for the Audubon collector.

88 pages   $44.50 + shipping to anywhere in the World

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From the back cover -

Today, John James Audubon is the most famous and well known bird and animal artist in the United States. His works are easily recognizable, and are the most widely collected and most often copied natural history fine art paintings and prints. In this book noted Audubon expert, Ron Flynn, has researched and compiled this important Audubon reference resource for both novice and advanced Audubon collectors. Mr. Flynn provides current market values for all original antique Audubon prints.

Individual chapters describe in detail each of the original five antique Audubon print publications. Each of these chapters includes extensive Price Guide tables with market values for every print issued in the Havell, Imperial Folio, Bien, Octavo Birds and Octavo Quads Editions. Mr. Flynn has included in his Price Guide tables eBay realized auction price values for all original antique Audubon prints that are commonly sold on that Internet auction site. This book includes a chapter that will help the collector identify and authenticate prints from all of the original antique Audubon editions.

There are three charts at the end of this book which list and rank upper tier Audubon images in the following editions: quadrupeds, octavo birds and double elephant folio (Havell, Amsterdam and Abbeville).

This book is a complete reference for the collector of original antique Audubon prints, and you will use and refer to it often. The five Price Guides in this book purchased individually would cost $67.50. 88 text pages.




    1    Introduction

    3    Is Your Audubon Print An Original?  -  Identification and Authentication

    5             The Original Audubon Publications

  13    The Audubon Havell Edition (1826-38) and Price Guide

  29    The Audubon Octavo Bird Editions (1840-71) and Price Guide

  45    The Audubon Imperial Folio Edition (1845-48) and Price Guide

  53    The Audubon Octavo Quad Editions (1849-71) and Price Guide

  63    The Audubon Bien Edition (1858-60) and Price Guide

  84    Upper Tier Audubon Havell Images

  86    Upper Tier Audubon Octavo Bird Images

  88    Upper Tier Audubon Quadruped Images


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